Very Nice Affordable Salt Lake City Apartments

I never thought for a second that I would actually live in a place that would impress my boss. He is used to a much higher level of pay, and has some of the finer things in life. He owns a nicely sized boat and drives a luxury car. However, when he had to come by my apartment, he was very pleasantly surprised. I live in Salt Lake City apartments that are what you would call luxury, but they are also affordable. My boss actually had his mouth agape and eyes wide when he came inside.

The first thing out of his mouth was about how he thought he might be paying me too much. He was just being funny. He was very surprised at where I lived. He said that he has been to the apartments and homes of some other employees that were not nearly as nice as this. And, he said some of the other ones that had nice places were always on the edge with their finances. He knows because to work where I do you have to undergo an annual credit check.

I told him that I searched for affordable luxury. It is out there if you look for it. I have a fireplace and big rooms in my apartment. I afford a three bedroom place where coworkers often only have one. I make good financial decisions, and this apartment rental in Salt Lake City is one of them. I get the most for my rent money here. I have a nice pool and garden area to enjoy. There is a laundry room and big garden gazebo too. There is also a recreation and relaxation area. I play a lot of air hockey with my one neighbor. She is very competitive, and we have a great time. I like living here and being able to afford it without struggle is nice too.

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