I Needed a New Energy Plan

When I got my energy bill a few months ago, I was really surprised at how high it was. I was on one of the variable rate plans, but I still did not know that it would be that much of a difference. I knew that I wanted to get into a different rate plan, but I had no idea if that company offered a better plan or if I would be better off switching to another company. I wanted to learn more about this, but I had no idea where to turn first to get this kind of information.

It was actually my 10 year old daughter who told me to look it up on the Internet. I had to chuckle, because that was exactly where I found the information that I needed. I was able to find a website that gave me a lot of information about the different energy companies that I actually did not know. I was able to look at each company as well as their rates and different kinds of plans. I knew that I wanted a fixed rate plan no matter what, because I could not handle another shock like the one that I got when I got that high bill.

It was really interesting to learn so much about each company because there was so much more than just rates and different plans. I was able to find out about the history of the different companies that provide energy to the area of Texas that I am in. I was also able to see just how involved some of these companies are in the communities that they serve. I was happy to see that I was able to just change the kind of plan that I was in with my own company, so that was easy enough to fix and my bills are much better now!

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