I Love My New Hair Extensions

I started having issues with my hair a few years ago. I used to have long, thick hair, but it was getting thinner and more brittle. For someone who has taken pride in her hair for years, this was nothing short of heartbreaking. I tried a few different things, but it was not until I found Brazilian hair bundles that I finally had something for my hair that I was completely happy with. I had tried wearing extensions from a local beauty supply shop, but they just did not hang right. It was obvious I was wearing them, which kind of took away the point of having them.

When I was discussing a new style with a new beautician I was trying for the first time, she actually told me about the Brazilian hair bundles. I told her about my last experience with them. She explained that not all hair extensions are created equal, and that I needed to get quality extensions instead of settling for something that is not worth my money in the first place. I was still hesitant, and that is when she told me that she wears them herself.

I was shocked, because her hair is absolutely gorgeous. She told me about her own thinning issues, but I would have never guessed in a million years that she was wearing anything other than her natural hair. She gave me the website of the company where she purchased her straight extensions from, and that is when I got my next pleasant surprise. They come in so many different styles, and I was able to get a bundle package of the curly extensions. She showed me how to wear them once they were delivered, and I receive compliments a lot now on my hair. I could not be happier with how I look now!

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