Getting Ready for Cyber Monday

It is really hard to believe that it is almost Christmas again. I can remember when I was a kid, it seemed that the time between Christmases was at least a few years. Now that I am an adult and time moves at a more regular pace, I see that they are actually not that far apart at all. That is why I went online the other day to start searching for the best Cyber Monday deals for 2016. I knew that most stores would not have their deals and specials posted yet, but that did not mean I couldn’t start preparing anyway.

I know that stores are getting smarter about how they handle their sales. It used to be that no one really knew what the sales were going to be until a day or so before the actual day. Now, stores realize that if they don’t put the information out there early enough, that people are just going to get their deals elsewhere. Too many stores are posting their sale information early now to lure customers to their shop first. Continue reading Getting Ready for Cyber Monday

Very Nice Affordable Salt Lake City Apartments

I never thought for a second that I would actually live in a place that would impress my boss. He is used to a much higher level of pay, and has some of the finer things in life. He owns a nicely sized boat and drives a luxury car. However, when he had to come by my apartment, he was very pleasantly surprised. I live in Salt Lake City apartments that are what you would call luxury, but they are also affordable. My boss actually had his mouth agape and eyes wide when he came inside.

The first thing out of his mouth was about how he thought he might be paying me too much. He was just being funny. He was very surprised at where I lived. He said that he has been to the apartments and homes of some other employees that were not nearly as nice as this. And, he said some of the other ones that had nice places were always on the edge with their finances. He knows because to work where I do you have to undergo an annual credit check. Continue reading Very Nice Affordable Salt Lake City Apartments

I Needed a New Energy Plan

When I got my energy bill a few months ago, I was really surprised at how high it was. I was on one of the variable rate plans, but I still did not know that it would be that much of a difference. I knew that I wanted to get into a different rate plan, but I had no idea if that company offered a better plan or if I would be better off switching to another company. I wanted to learn more about this, but I had no idea where to turn first to get this kind of information.

It was actually my 10 year old daughter who told me to look it up on the Internet. Continue reading I Needed a New Energy Plan

The Best in Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to having my carpets cleaned, I can only rely on one company: carpet cleaning markham. I’ve used plenty of carpet cleaning companies in the past, and all of them have screwed up in some kind of way. My first cleaning company left a big stain on one of the carpets, and then tried to charge me extra to have the stain removed. The next company pulled up some of my carpet while they were vacuuming, and then tried to sell me a carpet installation package. The company after that did a sub par job with cut corners, but I guess I should thank my lucky stars that they didn’t ruin anything like the previous companies did.

I trust Markham because they’re the only ones to actually do a good job of cleaning my carpets without ruining anything. They came on time, cleaned every inch of the carpets, and left without anything going wrong, without trying to sell me anything extra, or trying to give me any extra charges that were hidden. They did such a good job that I asked them if they could clean my furniture and my beds. My beds hadn’t had a professional cleaning since I bought them.

I recommended the company to all of my friends who need to have their carpets and upholstery cleaned because of their good job in service. Other people that I know have given them positive feedback and recommended them to other people as well. Their business will probably spread and by the end of the year, they will be able to service almost all of the county. I hope they can keep up with the demand, because there are a lot of people who need to have their homes cleaned, and they are the best ones to do the job.

I Love My New Hair Extensions

I started having issues with my hair a few years ago. I used to have long, thick hair, but it was getting thinner and more brittle. For someone who has taken pride in her hair for years, this was nothing short of heartbreaking. I tried a few different things, but it was not until I found Brazilian hair bundles that I finally had something for my hair that I was completely happy with. I had tried wearing extensions from a local beauty supply shop, but they just did not hang right. It was obvious I was wearing them, which kind of took away the point of having them. Continue reading I Love My New Hair Extensions

A Favor for a Friend

A friend of mine asked me to do a favor for him. He needed to have his home painted while he was out of the country because he wanted to sell his home. He agreed to pay me for paining the home, and wanted me to create an invoice for the total amount that he owed me. There was one company that I knew of where I could get an invoice made for free, so I had to visit their website and create an invoice for labor and parts used in the painting process. I gave the invoice to my friend and he agreed and wrote me a check.

My friend wanted the home to be painted an off white color in every room. Continue reading A Favor for a Friend

It is Pretty Different Here in Texas

I like a lot of things down here in Austin, but it is weird in a lot of this state. This is a great place if you are a working musician like me. I have been down here for a couple of months and I am working really steady playing in all sorts of different bands. I got a job down here as a side man to a friend of mine who has become a bit of regional star. He got me a place to stay and I had to figure out the rest. If you go to you can see that down here you get to pick which one of a number of power companies you want to pick. It confused me a bit when they tried to explain this to me. Continue reading It is Pretty Different Here in Texas

Pretty Happy with Things Today

Of course it was pretty bleak for me for a little while, but things have turned in my favor it seems. I found a pretty good job working for the electric company in killeen TX. In fact I still have some unemployment benefits left and the company is going to pay for us to move. In truth I could probably live here and work there, because this is the sort of job where you go some place different every morning. I will have a company truck and each morning I will drive it to where the work is, probably have some big piece of gear on a trailer behind it most of the time. Obviously it would be better to be living in Killeen, but much of the time I will be going to some place that is not going to be much closer to any place there than I am now. Other days it would stink.

However this works out all the same, although it is pretty much one of those things. The word for it is serendipity I think, meaning that there are just some things that fall in to place. In this case we found a person who wanted to swap places with us and in fact was willing to give us a good deal on it. It is not that hard to figure out. I have known the guy for a very long time and if you climbed up on my house you could see the place he works. He would be going from a half hour drive in the morning and in the evening, to literally being able to walk back and forth from lunch in about six or seven minutes. If you cut a hole in the fence you do the trip in half as long.

A Neighborhood of High Tech Watchers

In my neighborhood, everyone has become obsessed with having the latest in home security technology. Even though there haven’t been any robberies or burglaries around here, everyone is still taking the extra step to make sure nothing like that ever happens. People are buying cameras and receivers, motion detectors, and alarms. I got a camera system for my own home, but I wasn’t always going to be at home to see who was lurking around my home, and neither would my family. To solve this problem, I decided to hook the security system up to the Internet, so I could browse the camera footage through my smart phone when I’m away from home.

While testing out my camera’s ability to stream over the Internet, I immediately noticed a problem. The stream was coming in slowly and choppy. It was almost like watching a slide show. Continue reading A Neighborhood of High Tech Watchers

We Are Happy with Our New Service

Photos From Section 229 at Time Warner Cable ArenaI was not too happy when I found out that I would not be able to have the same cable company that I have had for the last several years. I didn’t even move that far away from my former residence, but I was still not in the boundaries that Time Warner has for its customers. I did want them, but that was not possible so I had to find another provider so I would still be able to get the programming that my family and I wanted. I looked online, which is how I found

This site really answered a lot of the questions that I had about which service to go with. Continue reading We Are Happy with Our New Service

I’m Ready for the Burglar

The purchase of my first home was an event that I had been looking forward to for some time. Both of my parents had raised me with the belief that a home is the very symbol of success in the United States. To some degree they were very much correct – many of us will find a home once we have settled down, graduated school and are preparing to start a family or begin our careers. So when my home was broken into within the first week of owning it, I called ADT Home Security despite the extreme disquiet that I felt regarding it.

I have never lived anywhere that had been broken into. Continue reading I’m Ready for the Burglar

what’s the difference between an N router and an N router with 1 gb with 4 ports?

  1. Which one do I need? The regular N router is less expensive than the later, but I want to buy the right one. What is benefit to the router with 1 gb?

    Answer by Frabz
    Model and Brand?

  2. Let N be an arbitrary integer. What is the least number of weights that can be used on
    a scale pan to weigh any integral number of pounds from 1 to N inclusive, if the weights
    can be placed in either of the scale pans?

    Answer by Brian
    The weights you need to do this are weights of powers of 3: 1,3,9,27,81,…
    If you need to measure up to N, then you will need log_3(2*N+1) weights.

  3. I know the N shell can hold a max of 32 electrons, but what about when it is just a period 4 element? I think the outermost shell of period 4 elements is the N shell, so there must be some special rule.

    Answer by sciteacher
    Each level follows the rule e=2n^2
    so level 1(n=1) e=2
    level 2(n=2) e=2*4=8
    n=3 so e=2(9)=18
    n=4 so e = 2(16)
    n=5 so e=2(25)=50 …………

  4. The original fermi level of the p and n-regions taken separately are different due to difference in concentration and type of doping. However, at the junction, the energy level diagram usually depicts a common fermi level while conduction and valency bands are displaced. How does that happen?

    Answer by epidavros
    Energy levels in materials are always relative. In other words, you can say that the conduction band is so many eV above the valence band, but it has no particularly absolute value.

    The Fermi level is simply the energy level of the topmost occupied electronic state (at T = 0). Thid once again is relative – you can say where it is with respect to say the valence band.

    Until, that is, you join the two materials. When you do this the energy of the topmost occupied state on the n side *must* be the same as that on the p side because the materials are in contact. If it were not, then electrons would flow into the lower energy states across the boundary until they were.

    Clearly, for these two levels to be the same across the boundary, the energy bands measured relative to the Fermi level must change, because the band structure must be continuous across the boundary. For this to happen the conduction and valence bands must curve. The origin of this curvature is, of course, and electical potential energy gradient across the junction. This is what gives rise to the intrinsic junction bias.

  5. What is the energy difference in Joules between the n=6 state and the n=2 state in a hydrogen atom?

    Please help me! I just want to know how to solve this problem? Thank you so much!

    Answer by Anonymous
    You have to solve certain equations.

    Start with:

    1) mv^2/r = (4*pi*epsilon)^(-1)*q^2/r^2, i.e. centripetal force is equal to coulomb’s force. Of course, we’re assuming circular orbit. Otherwise, both forces cannot be written as such. It is still a good approximation.

    2) Note that an electron in orbit does not emit electromagnetic radiation (despite centripetal acceleration). A quantum approach is needed. The explanation is that angular momentum is quantised. So use L = r x p = mvr = n(h/(2pi)), since r is orthogonal to p and where h is Planck’s constant.

    From these two facts you can discover that the energy of an electron in a hydrogen atom is equal to:
    -13.6* (1/n^2) eV. It is negative because work must be done by the electron in order to escape the pull of the proton (gravitational analogy works here).

    So the difference in energy is: -13.6/6^2 – (-13.6/2^2) eV = 13.6*(8/36) eV = 3.02 eV.

    (Note that 1 eV = 1.6 * 10^-19 J, so 3.02 eV = 4.83 * 10^-19 J)

Do You Think Direct Auto Insurance Can Save You Money?

I saved a small fortune on my car insurance by choosing to go with direct auto insurance. That is when you deal directly with the big provider of the insurance instead of going through an agent or middleman. Even the big companies will sell through intermediate insurance sellers. Your local agent may offer a deal on insurance from a big brand provider, but he will still collect a portion or fee from the provider due to selling you the policy.

Depending on who you are getting insurance from, the savings may be significant enough for you to consider not dealing with an agent or other intermediate source. However, at other times, you may actually save a little more.

Can’t See My Favorite Team Locally

Believe it or not, I am the sports fan in my family. My husband only likes to watch car races and I like to watch most other sports. I moved with him as my job moved us across the country and I can not see all of the games that my favorite home town football team plays in. I decided that we had to go with the satellite TV company that could provide us with nfl sunday ticket so that I do not have to miss any of my favorite games. My team and I have been loyal to each other, they won a Super Bowl a few years ago and I have never stopped wearing their colors, even when I knew that they were having a really tough season, it was really strained for a while. But while others put their colors down, I never did, I love them. Continue reading Can’t See My Favorite Team Locally

Are Insurance Companies a Good Investment?

Car Insurance @ - Browse Young Driver Car Insurance ...I just got to thinking about this randomly, because I was wondering how much money you can make selling auto insurance and how you figure out auto insurance rates so that you can make good money without overcharging people. I was looking for something to invest in that would have a good return and still be safe. I know that there are a lot of risks in certain types of insurance, for example that is what insurance is about in the final analysis. The big thing is that you have to hope there are not any huge natural disasters if you are selling home insurance. A really big storm like Hurricane Katrina is going to wipe you out if you get a number of them close on the heels of one another.