Can’t See My Favorite Team Locally

Believe it or not, I am the sports fan in my family. My husband only likes to watch car races and I like to watch most other sports. I moved with him as my job moved us across the country and I can not see all of the games that my favorite home town football team plays in. I decided that we had to go with the satellite TV company that could provide us with nfl sunday ticket so that I do not have to miss any of my favorite games. My team and I have been loyal to each other, they won a Super Bowl a few years ago and I have never stopped wearing their colors, even when I knew that they were having a really tough season, it was really strained for a while. But while others put their colors down, I never did, I love them. I think it’s funny that I am the only woman that participates in the local fantasy football team online that most of the dads participate in, but I have a love for the game.

I grew up in a house where it was only my dad to raise my brother and I for a few years so instead of wearing make up, my dad took the time to take us to different sporting events and always have it on the TV. I loved the feeling of entering a professional sporting event, seeing the excitement in my dad’s eyes, it was really special. We always liked the ability to talk about our favorite players and he still calls me today to talk about the different things going on with our favorite team. I will never be able to tell my dad how much those days meant to me, as I will always remember them.

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