A Neighborhood of High Tech Watchers

In my neighborhood, everyone has become obsessed with having the latest in home security technology. Even though there haven’t been any robberies or burglaries around here, everyone is still taking the extra step to make sure nothing like that ever happens. People are buying cameras and receivers, motion detectors, and alarms. I got a camera system for my own home, but I wasn’t always going to be at home to see who was lurking around my home, and neither would my family. To solve this problem, I decided to hook the security system up to the Internet, so I could browse the camera footage through my smart phone when I’m away from home.

While testing out my camera’s ability to stream over the Internet, I immediately noticed a problem. The stream was coming in slowly and choppy. It was almost like watching a slide show. My upload speed was much too slow to stream anything, so I had to find a DSL provider with a faster connection.

After switching DSL providers, I tried out the camera streaming again, and I was able to get a smooth picture with no lag. I watched a delivery man drop a package off in front of my home. He was a little aggressive with the package, tossing it at the porch without any care. I made a note to call the delivery company later so I could complain to them about one of their drivers. Although the package didn’t contain any fragile contents, if it did, it would have been damaged badly, creating problems for me.

Whenever I got out, I check the cameras at least once to make sure that nothing bad has happened. I have my system set up to call the police and send me an email if someone tries to break into my home.

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