A Favor for a Friend

A friend of mine asked me to do a favor for him. He needed to have his home painted while he was out of the country because he wanted to sell his home. He agreed to pay me for paining the home, and wanted me to create an invoice for the total amount that he owed me. There was one company that I knew of where I could get an invoice made for free, so I had to visit their website and create an invoice for labor and parts used in the painting process. I gave the invoice to my friend and he agreed and wrote me a check.

My friend wanted the home to be painted an off white color in every room. There was already a mix of colors in the different rooms. The bathrooms were turquoise, which I thought was a pretty odd choice for a bathroom. The living room and dining room were blue, and the bedrooms were burgundy. I’m not sure who painted the home previously or what theme they were going for, but their colors just seemed so random to me. My own home is mostly off white, with some rooms having wallpaper attached.

The paining process was pretty easy. I had a special paintbrush that has the ability to hold more paint than a normal brush. This brush acts like a sponge, so all you have to do is soak up the paint and go over the area. This makes it easier to paint without having to make multiple passes over a certain area. The paint is applied in a more uniform manner, rather than having streaks. The brush even has an attachment for a long pole if you want to paint an area that is high above the floor, like a ceiling or the walls.

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